KYM x Å: Electric Relaxation Breathwork with KYMÅ - Habitas Clubhouse NYC


The origin of the word rhythm is Greek meaning “to flow.” We begin to learn to flow with the rhythms of life by simply learning to feel the beat, pulse, or groove. 

Applying the powerful technology of kundalini pranayam in sexy settings we consciously synchronize our breathes with intentional rhythms for holistic well-being, deep connection and community. These rhythmic meditation experiences are a time to sensually connect your breathe and body to modern beats curated by Kyma. Together we create a mandala of Breathe and compose an organic beat to breathe to. In each session we find opportunities to release resistance and refine the creative force of the Breathe. 

This is a seated experience, attend in comfortable attire with an open heart and an open mind. 

This is a member’s only clubhouse. For non-members you can RSVP directly to me at to be added to the guest list