KYM X A ~ The Invincible Hall: Kundalini Yoga on Thursday Mornings

The Invincible Hall Chinatown

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a system of yoga and meditation that utilizes yoga postures, dynamic breath, sound current and meditation. This form of yoga builds strength and vigor, conditions all systems of the body, helps clear the subconscious mind, attunes subtle energy, and aligns one with their highest destiny.


A Training Ground for Your Excellence:

The Invincible Hall NYC is an invitation to explore your infinite potential, an opportunity to experience your own excellence and to extend this reality into service for our whole world.

Our practices are an invitation to connect through the meditative realms to the Golden Chain of Teachings, to meet, to share and to continue excelling as Aquarian Leaders at this cusp Time.

For students and teachers alike, the space of The Invincible Hall is an opportunity to drop the distractions, find your focus, concentration, capacities of contemplation, to go within, listen with heightened awareness, go deeper into the practices of yoga and meditation, to join in ceremony of sacred chanting, dancing, ritual, surrendering and shared silence with a community of like-minded light minds. 

Our mission is to provide a Yogic Training Ground, a Healing Space and a Strong Platform for these offerings where people of all faiths, creeds, religions, genders, classes, races, denominations, and ethnicities can practice the Sacred Sciences of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as Taught by Yogi Bhajan and to share the mission of being the lighthouses of the Aquarian Age.  

Stairway into the Invincible Hall