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Sunsets & Soundwaves with kymå & ikåtu

Saturday, July 13th

5pm onward

High above the hectic downtown streets there’s an oasis of calm. A sophisticated space set up to celebrate freedom of expression. A gathering of creative souls seeking to connect to the mysteries within.

Choose from an à la carte menu of sensual delights.

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KUNDALINI DISCO™ @ The Assemblage NoMad

Fine tuning our systems to blossom into Spring with our whole being on March 7th, 6:30-8:30pm at The Assemblage NoMad

The bio-chemical experience of Kundalini Disco™️ is different for every body. The intention is the embodiment of light, harmony and the amplification of life sparkling and dancing through every cell of your being. It is a sensual and rhythmic experience of your breathe and body set to modern beats.

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KYM x Å: Electric Relaxation Breathwork with KYMÅ - Habitas Clubhouse NYC

Applying the powerful technology of kundalini pranayam in sexy settings we consciously synchronize our breathes with intentional rhythms for holistic well-being, deep connection and community. These rhythmic meditation experiences are a time to sensually connect your breathe and body to modern beats curated by Kyma.

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