Interview with The Joyful Approach: Kundalini & Disco for Radical Healing; Meet the Alchemist Amy K.

“I had the experience myself, last Spring at Woom in NY, after feeling really back logged from sleep deprivation. As I surrendered to the practice, I began to awaken with bursting energy feeding my cells. I felt transported euphorically through letting my body soul and spirit merge with the rhythmic movement. It was a profound experience I highly recommend everyone to embark on…

Can you give us a scope on how the fusion of Kundalini and Disco merge in formulating magic and alchemy?

Illuminating darkness and circulating energy is the magic – letting flow any stuck energies in the body to turn it into pure, glittery and infinite creative potential is the alchemy. Because I’m a DJ and a Kundalini yoga teacher usually the preconception is “So you teach kundalini yoga to disco music, I love disco!” Full Interview:

Kundalini Discos, Sound Baths and High-Vibe Living by Ruby Warrington

“Keep your eyes closed and just go completely into the experience,” she instructs us, as my body begins to vibrate and I feel a smile at the corners of my mouth. Walking out of class to meet a friend for dinner 60 minutes later, I feel energized, optimistic and awake…”

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Find Your Voice Retreat by Boundless by Kara

“Another highlight was when we stood back-to-back with a partner and sang at a kundalini disco hosted by the wonderful Amy K.— one of my favorite parts of the retreat by the way, I was so sober, yet so high on life. This moment of stillness made my heart sing — literally. The vibrations of my partner’s voice pulsed through my back and into my heart creating an instant connection — talk about heart-opening right?”

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Interview with Compare Retreats: How New York Retreat DJ Amy Kynoch Uses Sound for Wellness

How can people use it in their daily wellness routine? Just as we are picky about what we eat, wear or watch, becoming picky about what we listen to has been my biggest teaching. Understanding that our subconscious is being filled on a daily basis with a plethora of stimulation and subliminal messaging—commercials in the background, and the lyrics we recite or get stuck in our minds included—and becoming hyper-vigilant and aware of the sounds we consume is important. I highly suggest having a meditation practice to detox from it all, and I personally love sleeping with a mantra which can neutralise any vibrational residue from the day.”

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My Mystical Life: Manifesting Success with Candle Magic by The Numinous

Images from Moonrise Kin’dom Urban Retreat with Club SÖDA and Kin Social at Habitas House NYC.

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How the World Parties Sober

“My friend who’s a DJ and yoga instructor runs this event called Kundalini Disco, a Friday-night party at Golden Bridge Yoga on Centre Street. You start off doing Kundalini yoga, which is this really sensual breath-based practice, followed by an hour-long dance party that’s a total workout where you’re in this heightened meditated state. You’re kind of in your own zone, all while listening to, say, a Bowie house remix. I always meet new people there, and those who celebrate Kundalini regularly tend to be very happy because it’s a high vibe. Full Article:

Industry Magazine: Hot Ticket! Sounds of a Brooklyn Summer

“Her most recent gig cycle, entitled Kundalini Disco, takes savvy aim at a young nightlife market weary of mind bruising vodka fueled hangovers by combining yoga, music and movement - ‘it’s an alternative for those that want to dance the night away minus super late nights and next morning regrets.” Full Article: