EMBODIED: Plant Medicine Meditation


Embodied Plant Medicine Meditation

Created for Horti & we are SUPERNATURAL's Dance Your Plants Off Experience

This meditation was customized and created for Horti's Dance Your Plants Off Kundalini Disco experience..audio guided version coming soOn.. ENJOY!


  1. We’re going to grow our roots and weave them together to build a strong foundation; to nourish & flourish with ourselves and our new plant friends.

  2. We’re going to use our imaginations to fully plant ourselves in the present moment.

  3. And then we are going to nurture the health of our plant beingness with an energizing and intentional kundalini breathing exercise from which we will photosynthesize and grow into our fully expansive plant potential. 


As Martha Graham said “the spine is the tree of life. Respect it.” Interestingly today (Jan 31, 2018) is Tu Bishvat, an ancient biblical celebration of the trees. On this day we remember in a most direct way that man and woman is a tree of the field and reflect on the lessons we can learn from a BOTANICAL DIALOGUE WITH OUR BODIES and our natural rhythms. Through cultivating strong roots, by nourishing commitment to our center - our source - our stem - our spine, we may bear many fruits in the year ahead.


As I’ve learned from my plant whispering friends at Horti, the Stem, in botany, is the plant axis that bears buds and shoots with leaves and, at its basal end, roots. Like the spinal chord, The stem is the stalk of a plant or the main trunk of a tree. Lateral buds and leaves grow out of the stem at intervals called nodes. As we become our plant selves we will remember the importance of a strong yet flexible stem; cultivating the ability to bend in the winds of change without snapping. 

Anatomically, the spine nourishes our bodies with its cerebral spinal fluid and is the backbone of our physical existence. The axis for the human body is the spine. Each vertebrae encases and protects the spinal chord along its path to the brain and cerebral spinal fluid lubicrates and cushions this corridor of consciousness while simultaneously circulating nutrients filtered from the blood and removing chemical waste products from the brain. Metaphysically it is the antennae that connects Earth to the heavens. Living in the spine means centering your awareness in, and acting from, your own divine Self as everything else spirals, spins and dances around you.

Our truth is in this stem/source. Being “centered” starts and ends at the stem. Balance is maintained by the stem. This is our internal plant medicine. Everything we do from now on will grow and expand up and out from this stem.



Get comfortable with a straight stem/spine - shoulders gently relaxing down and back, opening the heart...

Feel the crown of the head effortlessly drifting up towards the sky as the sacrum sinks and roots down into the earth beneath you.

You are now invited and encouraged to flex your imaginations on this journey together - expand your minds - open your hearts and visualize your seed of truth in this moment.


Begin to infuse your being with a radiant green light - become your plant - roots - stems, nodes and all.

Set the intention to plant this radiant seed, to fertilize and to connect to your stem, to your center.

In this moment, commit to your healthy and radiant growth...


Now, visualize your seed - this glowing green particle of light...

  • Ground down with every breathe and absorb the nutrients from the soils beneath you.

  • Allow this breathe to flow deep inside of you infused with the glowing green essence of your plant potential.

  • Allow this light to fill you, to expand with every breathe


1st Chakra ~ Root: INHALE
Feel the foundation of your seed taking root and forming beneath the surface - find comfort in the darkness of the EARTH. The darkness of the soils that creates everything. 

2nd Chakra ~ Sacral: INHALE
Feel deep into your sacred WATERS, nourishing and softening your shell. Feel the sprouts of your emotions as they begin to wiggle about. 


3rd Chakra ~ Navel: INHALE
From darkness of the earth into the sunlight of awareness, feel your seed sprouting; breaking through the surface. Feel the warmth of the FIRE ball in the sky on your stem as your leaves begin to grow. Feel the sunshine on your limbs turning this light energy into chemical energy to be used for your healthy growth - photosynthesizing your cells.

4th Chakra ~ Heart: INHALE
Feel the radiance of your green seed at the center of your chest. Emanate from this space. Feel your heart reaching up towards the sky. Feel the grooves in your leaves opening and extending out from your nodes. Feel the expansiveness of your leafy greeness...

5th Chakra ~ Throat: INHALE
Feel the WIND on your leaves. Feel the air flowing inside of you.


6th Chakra ~ Third-Eye: INHALE
Continue to feel your stem gently, effortlessly lifting higher into the sky, reaching towards the sunlight - budding at the top at the space between your eyebrow. From here you can feel the seasons; you can sense beyond time and space.

7th Chakra ~ Crown: INHALE
Connecting up, uniting all forces of these elements - integrating earth, air, fire, water, ether - into your being. Allow yourself to radiate with that green light powered by your seed...Your soul.



INHALE - reaching your arms - leaves and all - up towards the light - feel the warmth of the sun on your skin - touch the sky. Keeping the arms up overheard...

<<< EXHALE >>>

Two more times like this reaching up, up, up --- glowing and growing, nourishing and flourishing. 



Kundalini yoga is a subtle and powerful practice. Please consult with your physician before participating in these exercises. Returning to your natural breathing is your garden, your home base; return here if at anytime you feel faint. Allow yourself to journey deeply into yourself, into your rhythms. Find the sustenance where you can go on doing the breathing and movements for infinity. Tune in with the Adi Mantra - Ong Name Guru Dev Namo - to set the sound current in devotion and gratitude to the teacher within you and in reverence for all the teachers before you. 



Soundtrack: Kabuffuele + Jungle Dub ~ 11mins Convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel your organisms' activities. You are going to create your very own electromagnetic field at the level of the heart to fuel your purest heart centered desires. 

CLICK HERE for Egg Beater Kundalini Medi to Recharge Energy:

TO END: close your eyes, inhale deeply and lift the arms straight up to the sky - allow your stem to lengthen - to grow upwards and outwards - feel the radiance of your green light (no bend in the elbows). Breathe long and deep for one minute, stretching up. 

Then relax, let your leaves gently fall beside you….. breathe naturally…

Bring hands together at heart center in prayer pose to tune out with SAT NAM.


GROWTHE: Danza de la Pachama

Grow towards the sky - coming onto your feet

Rooting down through the soles. 

Palms open, facing forward

Let the dew from your leaves (fingertips) drip down towards the ground 

The tip of your stem softly lifting up towards the sky.

Feel the breeze on your leaves

Feel the winds of your breathe

Gravity naturally draws our feet into the floor anchoring us to live in the world while we expand and grow upward toward the sun. 

Sway in the wind - feel the balance - the support of the stem - of your center.  

Can you feel the breeze? Can you shake your leaves? 

Let every movement of your dance, of your day radiate from your center, your stem, your spine...May you choose nourishing relationships and help each other grow towards the sunshine... into the light of awareness.