KYM x A Rhythmic Meditation for HER/Trust in US/Erika Lust Screening at The House of Yes

A N E W D A W N: An eye opening day for the new dawn and new days that lie ahead. From voting to pornography with Erika Lust Films HER + Trust in US ~ my day was nothing short of profound. As I lie in bed reflecting on the day’s teachings I’ve realized a common thread...The power of the voice. To speak up and speak out for a more creative and more inclusive world whether that’s in politics or the adult film industry (in today’s case). The connection of breathe to give life to words to amplify our voice. The importance of remembering the power of our words, our stories and our songs. The importance of refining our speech to speak about what is true and that which we want to exist in the world. My life’s work has become a pretty consistent comfort zone crusher. And each time I guide one of these experiences I am reminded that each person gives themselves permission to listen to the beat of their own drums at their own rhythm, to connect to their breathe at their own level of depth, to find their voice at their own pace. And for this, I will forever hold space...
If you are still reading this, you are, right now, in this very moment perfectly equipped with the power of your breathe. Start to notice how your breathe moves through you and what thoughts your breathe is giving voice to. A gentle and essential reminder from the #sutras before speaking ask yourself (verbal + written) Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary to say at this particular time? .
Thank you to anyone who has trusted the guidance of rhythm and breathe with closed eyes and pondered its life giving force, thank you to the courageous men, women, non-identifying, trans who have stepped beyond their comfort zones with me, to challenge the voice in their head and to explore the depth of their breathe in sometimes wacky ways. And thank you to everyone who is speaking up to represent for voices that have been historically silenced!

CLICK HERE for 9 minute Rhythmic Meditation Track

You can also enjoy the warm-up music that set the vibe for the evening’s sexy explorations HERE

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