It’s ALL about entrainment not entertainment.

Our bodies naturally entrain to external rhythms, often subconsciously and automatically. The guiding beat may come from an external piece of music or repetitive sound; influencing our internal rhythms through sound waves. It could also be influenced by waves of light which determine our circadian rhythms. Phases of the moon entrain hormonal cycles, and our own breath influences our heart beat, respiration and brainwaves. Intentionally understanding the power of entrainment and the effect it can have on our whole being, we can apply the science of it to harmonize and heal our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Becoming aware of, and questioning the value of an entraining force is soooo important.

SOCIAL: In a social context, the external influence could be another individual or a collectively accepted idea. As humans, we might sync up with a dominant personality, perhaps mirroring their body language, intonation and style without even realizing.

LIFESTYLE: The external rhythm set by our hyperstimulated modern world is fast. To keep up we attempt to upgrade our processing systems to speed up, usually with stimulants, additives - trading sustainability for convenience. This creates a simulation of synchronicity between ourselves and society, which seems to “work” temporarily. When the stimulant wears off we then fall out of sync. If unaware of ways to reset and re-sync with the natural rhythms of the planet one could feel the need to habitually stimulate themselves to “keep up” with the illusory structures of modern time.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: The synergy between thoughts and emotions can entrain the anatomy into repeated patterns of anxiety or tension. If the body is entrained to a specific thought loop or emotional schedule it will then begin to seek out perceptions and feelings to satisfy the cycle.

How to take back your sovereignty?

Sit down and get back in tune with the divine and harmonious nature of your natural rhythms.

Take the time to take back your time.