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Monday-RoXX Hot TopiXX Podcast: Entrainment Industry with DJ KYMÅ

When you open up to a wider world of metaphysical connection and nuanced understandings of the powers of rhythm to influence mind and body what are you allowing to influence you? What are you entraining to? A conversation with my LA Lyft driver turned podcast chat - check out the full podcast with DJ KYMÅ + @djmissmonday and @jamieroxxartist at

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RESOURCES: Rhythm & the Brain

“It is borne out in everything we perceive - in the movement of a planet, in the surging and ebbing of the tide, in the reverberations of the air, the swinging of a pendulum, the oscillations of an electric current and in the infinitely varied phenomena of organic life. Does not the whole of human life attest to it? Birth, growth, old age, and death of an individual family, race or nation, what is it all but a rhythm? ALL life manifestation, even in its most intricate form, as exemplified in man, however involved and inscrutable, is only a movement, to which the same general laws of movement which govern throughout the physical universe must be applicable…” ~ Nikola Tesla

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