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horti tape 010: botanical feels

A botanical playlist and tantric plant meditation
A playlist inspired by cool guitar riffs and smoldering summer days

Just as soil is most nourishing when there is mineral and nutrient variety, so too is music and life. Plants take up essential elements from the soil through their roots and from the air through their leaves. Explore and expand your roots with these sonic nutrients and enjoy an airy palette like a cool breeze from talented guitarists bringing alive scenery and stories with the voice of their stringed instruments.

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FIND YOUR VOICE: A Kundalini Disco Genesis

The bio-chemical experience of Kundalini Disco™️ is different for every body. The intention is the embodiment of light, harmony and the amplification of life sparkling through every cell. It is a sensual and rhythmic experience of your breathe and body set to modern beats. Applying the powerful technology of kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan in sexy settings we intentionally breathe and move with purpose for holistic well-being, connection and community. A safe space to move and groove with your highest intentions and socialize with spirit. 

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