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horti tape 008: plant mama

A botanical playlist and tantric plant meditation
A playlist inspired by the nurturing influences of mother nature

Let these jams grow on you and grow in you. Vibe to their nurturing nature and get in the mood to invoke your playful plant mama. Sing along while you water your green children and come celebrate with Horti Play on May 11th!


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RESOURCES: Rhythm & the Brain

“It is borne out in everything we perceive - in the movement of a planet, in the surging and ebbing of the tide, in the reverberations of the air, the swinging of a pendulum, the oscillations of an electric current and in the infinitely varied phenomena of organic life. Does not the whole of human life attest to it? Birth, growth, old age, and death of an individual family, race or nation, what is it all but a rhythm? ALL life manifestation, even in its most intricate form, as exemplified in man, however involved and inscrutable, is only a movement, to which the same general laws of movement which govern throughout the physical universe must be applicable…” ~ Nikola Tesla

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horti tape 001: cacti & succulents

With sensual and psychedelic influences of enduring love and resilience, the tracks for this playlist have been intentionally chosen and sequenced to get under thick skins, to take you on a trip into deserted lands within and warm up the heart, getting into all that juicy goodness that flows beneath the surface… Read more and listen over at

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